CinebodyEducation How to Crush Your Crowdsourced Video Campaign (an analysis of +200 campaigns)
crowdsourced video

How to Crush Your Crowdsourced Video Campaign (an analysis of +200 campaigns)

crowdsourced video

Cinebody creates crowdsourced video campaigns like no other platform on the planet. Since your community is involved in the creation process, they love to participate and share your content across their networks. Setting up and promoting a project is easy. And to make the most of your projects, here’s a selection pro-tips after analyzing what worked best from +200 crowdsourced video projects.


Incentivize creators with a badass bonus

People who love your brand will create just to be included. But if you want your project spread like wildfire, add a bonus that will get people talking. T-shirts are cool, stickers are nice, but a creative bonus will help spread via word of mouth.  Often, the story around a bonus can be more effective than the bonus itself. Sending a singing butler to deliver coffee to a hungover festival attendee as a bonus for filming will create more buzz than a $200 gift card.

Pro tips:

  • Lame begets lame. Make sure your bonus passes a threshold of awesomeness
  • Huge bonuses don’t have to cost a lot. A content agency once gave away tattoos to creators who filmed the best slow motion clips


Promote your project in a physical space

Promoting online and via social is a good start, but sharing your project in the real world can do wonders for keeping your project top of mind outside of the endless chasm of the internet.

Pro tips:

  • Post flyers promoting your project at storefronts and partner locations
  • If you ship physical products, promote your project directly on the packaging
  • Promote your project directly to event attendees. You can add extra value to attendees simply through mention of your project


Let people know…again

We are constantly inundated with new information (bludgeoning consumers with ads the past 30 years hasn’t helped). Creating multiple touch points helps increase awareness and engagement when promoting your projects. The more you post, the more likely creators will see and join your project, so don’t be afraid to promote your project multiple times.

Pro tips:

  • Schedule multiple posts promoting the project all at once via Buffer
  • Add a P.S. blurb to your purchase confirmation emails asking buyers to participate
  • Respond to comments in your initial promotion thread (yes, it’s that easy…)


Make influencers feel like champs

While your project is active, you’ll identify top contributors. These micro influencers love creating and sharing with their friends. By sending encouraging push notifications, you give them social currency to tell their circle of influence how they created alongside your brand. This process turns your passive consumers into brand advocates that will repeatedly create alongside your brand.

Pro tips:

  • Give impromptu bonuses for hyper-specific shots. “Peter, great clip! Record another clip of the sunset and we’ll buy you the entire Lord of The Rings trilogy on DVD!”
  • Send push notifications with creators’ first names. It increases participation by up to 76%
  • Ask your influencers to promote to their following, especially if a project has a bonus
  • If you have a supplier or distribution network, reward them by asking them to create alongside fans


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