Flexible for organizations of any size

From family businesses to Fortune 500s, companies of all shapes and sizes love using Cinebody to create video content.

The new video production workflow

By leveraging Cinebody’s globally patented technology, organizations can now produce stories quickly and without the high cost of full video production.

Cinebody App

Auto Upload to Cloud

Real Time Editing


Welcome to User-Directed Content™

Cinebody eliminates the pitfalls and radically improves the quality of user-generated content

User-Generated Content

  • Lack of storytelling elements & direction
  • No direct brand feedback
  • No camera standardizations
  • File preview & download issues
  • Ownership rights & usage hassles
  • No distribution back to creators

These platforms serve as the place that social content is distributed, shared, and engaged with…not created

User-Directed Content™

  • Concise direction & storytelling elements
  • Brand feedback via push notifications
  • Shot-specific camera settings
  • Preview & download content directly
  • Ownership & usage rights granted automatically
  • Distribute content back through creators

Cinebody serves as the platform where social content is planned, directed, and created