Cinebody Platform FAQ

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Cinebody Platform FAQ

How do my users manually upload footage to a project?

1. Select the project to enter it
2. Click the blue upload icon in the top-center of the screen
3. Drag and drop (or select) your clips to upload them

    • Click here to view supported file types

I want to upload my final video and share it with the entire project team. How do I do that?

In the project, select the “Videos” tab and then select the upload button to drag and drop (or select) your video to the project. Once it loads, hover over the video and select “Publish” to share it with the entire team.

    • Please note, final videos can only be uploaded in .mp4 format only. This file type ensures that all mobile devices can download and share your video across their networks.

Can Android users participate in Cinebody projects?

Yes. Android users can follow these steps to join and participate in projects on Cinebody. They can upload their footage via the desktop or mobile browser.

Can my users see other users’ clips in the app?

Users can see all clips in the app unless the project is set to “Hidden” or “Selects”. “Selects” allows users to only see approved clips while “Hidden” hides them entirely. Admins can see all clips regardless of the clip setting for the project.

I want to add an admin to my team. How do I do that?

Go to “Teams” in the navigation bar at the top, select your team, and then add their email to the “Invite Team Admin” area in the overview tab. They will then be added to the team and will be sent an email to sign up on Cinebody.

How do I add additional teams or more storage?

To upgrade your account, please contact [email protected].

Does Cinebody compress video footage?

No. The file you upload will be the same file that downloads. Footage is transcoded, but solely for previewing it on the platform.

Can I upload non-iPhone footage to a Cinebody project?

Yes. Use the following steps to upload videos from Drones, DSLRs, and any other filetype listed here. Video files with H.264 or H.265 codecs are ideal.

What file types does Cinebody support?

Click here to view supported file types.

My footage is skipping & acting finicky when editing in Adobe Premiere. Do you know why?

Yes, the iPhone’s h.265 codec and HEIV format can be causing those issues. Please click here to see a list of steps we’ve put together to help you mitigate those issues.