Cinebody Platform FAQ

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Cinebody Platform FAQ

How do I manually upload footage to my Cinebody project?

Yes. To manually upload clips visit, enter your project code, and click the blue upload button to upload any video file you’d like. In the app? Simply visit any project and tap the blue upload icon in the top right hand corner.

What file types and codecs does Cinebody support?

Cinebody supports the following video input filetypes:

.3g2, .3gp, .asf, .avi, .f4a, .f4b,  .f4p, .f4v, .flv, .m2v, .m4p, .m4v, .mkv, .mov, .mp2, .mp4,

For best performance video filetypes should be H.264 or H.265 codec.

What file types are supported for Cinebody final videos?

Final videos are .mp4 only. This file type ensures that anyone on a mobile device can download and share your final video across their networks.

How can Android users participate in Cinebody projects?

Android users can participated by visiting by logging into, entering a project code, and tapping the blue upload icon to access and upload from their camera roll.

Why can’t I see users clips in the app?

If your clip settings are set to either “Hidden” or “Selects” you won’t be able to see other users clips in the app. If you cannot see your own clips, make sure that they appear with a green check mark in the “My Clips” section.

My project isn’t visible in the app. How do I make it visible?

Creators won’t see your private project under your Cinebody team in the app unless they are invited. If you’d like for all Cinebody users to see your project, toggle your project’s privacy setting from ‘Private’ to ‘Public’.

How do I invite Team Admins to my team?

Under the Team tab, select overview in the platform, add an admin by clicking the blue “+” and entering the admin’s email address.

How do I upgrade my account and platform storage?

To upgrade your account, contact [email protected]

Does Cinebody compress video footage?

Cinebody does not compress footage.

Can I upload non iPhone footage to a Cinebody project?

Yes. Use the following steps to upload video from Drones, DSLRs, and any other filetype listed here. Video files with H.264 or H.265 are best for the platform.
1. Click into your project
2. Click the blue Upload icon seen here
3. Choose any video you’d like. Click here to view supported file types.