Camera Features

1  Zoom-in and zoom-out with easy-to-use, bluetooth controls
2  Attach accessories like handles, lights, and microphones with the integrated cold shoe
3  Adjustable hand strap for comfort and stability when filming (not shown)
4  Attach equipment like the Cinebody pistol grip (coming soon) or easily mount to tripods
5  Customize your shot with any 37mm optical-quality glass lenses including wide, telephoto & fisheye

App Features

1Quickly change the frame rate from 18 up to 240 FPS (frames per second)
2Adjust resolution from 720p up to 4K
3Easily organize your footage with project folders and shot lists
4Review captured content in real-time
5Switch from automatic to manual focus and exposure with one touch
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Take your iPhone 7 videos to the next level with the cinebody H7!
Getting started is easy as 1, 2, 3…
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1Slide in iPhone 7
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2Flip Open
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3Start Creating