Frequently asked questions

How many creators can I have on my team?

Unlimited. Cinebody doesn’t charge per user. For every pricing tier of Cinebody, you can create as many projects with as many creators as you would like.

Is an editing software built into the platform

No. Cinebody is designed for creating and aggregating content. When creating content at scale, the last thing you want is to add a new editing software to your production workflow.

Does Cinebody compress video files?

Cinebody does not compress video files. 

How is this different than user-generated content?

Unlike UGC, you don’t have to scrub for hashtags, worry about orientation, frames per second, resolution, or permission rights. This is the Cinebody process known as User-Directed Content™.

Does the platform cost include the cost of video editing?

The Cinebody platform cost does not include editing services. However, we are connected to a massive network of video agencies and editing professionals and have found turn-key solutions that can be tailored for practically every budget. Contact us to get connected with an activation strategist and learn more.

How do app users submit their clips?

Users submit clips by filming in the Cinebody app, everything they film automatically uploads to the cloud via LTE or WiFi for immediate access as well as saves to their device.